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Welcome to Morning Musume Wiki.


This Wikia was created to give you information about Morning Musume.

Especially about the Colorful Era.


  • Origin: Tokyo, Honshū, Japan
  • Genre: Japanese pop
  • Years active: 1997-present
  • Label: Zetima

Morning Musume (モーニング娘。; Morning Girls.), sometimes referred to as Momusu (モー娘。) or Momusume (often in tabloids, news, モー娘。), is the lead group of Hello! Project. The group formed in 1997 on a talent show called ASAYAN. It quickly became, and still is, one of Japan's top all girl groups with a number of hit records and albums. They have sold over 18,474,047 copies in Japan alone. They were masterminded by Yamazaki Naoki and managed by their producer Tsunku who is responsible for the composition of the majority of their songs and lyrics, production of their CD-sleeve covers, designing of their costumes and make-up and their live shows. Currently, they are one of the most successful Japanese pop idol girl groups, holding the second highest overall single sales (of a female group) on the Oricon charts as of February 2012, with the Oricon record of most top ten singles with an amount of 53, and they have sold over 18 million copies in Japan alone.

Musume (娘), in this context, means girl. The group is known for their ever-fluctuating line-up, with "graduations" and auditions held nearly every year. 2008 was the only year so far in which no line-up changes occurred and that line-up has been the longest unchanging lineup so far going over 2 years with no graduations or new members until Kusumi Koharu graduated in December 2009. In recent years, the group has been making a concerted attempt to break into new markets in Asia, Europe and the US, performing at EXPOs worldwide. Morning Musume's highest selling single is LOVE Machine with 1,760,000 copies sold. Morning Musume's lowest selling single is Pyocopyoco Ultra with 34,050 copies sold.


Fukumura Mizuki
9th generation
Birthday: October 30, 1996 (age 20) 
Member color: Dark Pink
Years in Morning Musume: 5
Number of singles participated in: 17


Ikuta Erina
9th generation
Birthday: July 7, 1997 (age 19)
Member color: Yellow-Green
Years in Morning Musume: 5
Number of singles participated in: 17 


Iikubo Haruna
10th generation
Birthday: November 7, 1994 (age 22) 
Member color: Honey
Years in Morning Musume: 5
Number of singles participated in: 14

Ishida Ayumi
10th generation
Birthday: January 7, 1997 (age 19) 
Member color: Blue
Years in Morning Musume: 5
Number of singles participated in: 14

Sato Masaki
10th generation
Birthday: May 7, 1999 (age 17)
Member color: Emerald Green
Years in Morning Musume: 5
Number of singles participated in: 14

Kudo Haruka
10th generation
Birthday: October 27, 1999 (age 17) 
Member color: Orange
Years in Morning Musume: 5
Number of singles participated in: 14

Oda Sakura
11th generation
Birthday: March 12, 1999 (age 17)
Member color: Lavender
Years in Morning Musume: 4
Number of singles participated in: 10

Ogata Haruna-547917
Ogata Haruna

12th generation

Birthday: February 15th, 1999 (17)

Member color: Sea Blue

Number of singles participated in: 4

Nonaka Miki

12th generation

Birthday: October 7, 1999 (17)

Member color: Purple

Number of singles participated in: 4

Makino Maria

12th generation

Birthday: February 2, 2001 (15)

Member color: Light Pink

Number of singles participated in: 4

Haga Akane-547913
Haga Akane

12th generation

Birthday: March 7, 2002 (14)

Member color: Light Orange

Number of singles participated in: 4

Latest Single/AlbumEdit

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe / Password is 0
Morning Musume。'14 Beyond the time and space (Promotion Ver04:54

Morning Musume。'14 Beyond the time and space (Promotion Ver.)

Morning Musume。'14 Password is (Promotion Ver04:39

Morning Musume。'14 Password is (Promotion Ver.)


Birthday calendarEdit

7th, Ishida Ayumi
12th, Mitsui Aika
19th, Ishikawa Rika
20th, Yaguchi Mari
2nd, Makino Maria
7th, Kago Ai
11th, Junjun
15th, Ogata Haruna
26th, Fujimoto Miki
7th, Haga Akane
11th, Linlin
12th, Oda Sakura
11th, Yoshizawa Hitomi
7th, Sato Masaki & Konno Asami
12th, Ishiguro Aya
28th, Sayashi Riho
17th, Tsuji Nozomi
19th, Nakazawa Yuko
7th, Ikuta Erina
13th, Michishige Sayumi
15th, Kusumi Koharu
5th, Suzuki Kanon
8th, Iida Kaori
10th. Abe Natsumi
14th, Takahashi Ai
23rd, Goto Maki
7th, Nonaka Miki
20th, Niigaki Risa
27th, Kudo Haruka
29th, Ogawa Makoto
30th, Fukumura Mizuki
7th, Iikubo Haruna
11th, Tanaka Reina
6th, Yasuda Kei
17th, Fukuda Asuka
23rd, Kamei Eri
31st, Ichii Sayaka

Total Sales CountEdit

Year Group Sales Collaboration Sales Total Sales
1997 50,000 0 50,000
1998 1,466,860 0 1,516,860
1999 3,367,161 0 4,884,021
2000 5,689,222 0 10,573,243
2001 3,951,718 0 14,524,961
2002 1,961,143 0 16,486,104
2003 1,153,935 31,628   17,671,667
2004 907,593 61,440   18,640,700
2005 488,144 0 19,128,844
2006 357,373 0 19,486,217
2007 391,759 0 19,877,976
2008 189,828 0 20,067,804
2009 308,767 0 20,376,571
2010 226,653 0 20,603,224
2011 200,989 58,924 20,863,137
2012 320,955 0 21,184,092
2013 410,310 0 21,594,402
2014 160,265+ 0+ TBA


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